Top spiritual lessons of the Quran that everybody should know!

We all know that the holy book Quran is the foundation of Islamic theology. It is written by Muhammad with the lessons full of wisdom. The beliefs and lessons of this book are very persuasive and can change your lives. You will achieve the next level of living and spirituality. Here are the top lessons that everybody should know from the holy book “Quran”.

Always be mindful of the time:

Quran 103:1–3 reads, By the time!

This teaches us that we should always use our time in a significant manner. Be a little wiser and figure out how to make this world better, where we are living. Try to be kind to everyone and be compassionate. Try to do a little charity and use your time in good deeds, rather than hating other people. The Quran says that be truthful always. Try to get angry slowly and forgive other people quickly. Try to break the cycle of violence and abuse from the lives. In case you get confused, how I should spend my time in the right manner, choose loving people in your life.

Take early problems as the opportunities:

In Quran 2: 155, “We shall certainly test you by afflicting you with fear, hunger, loss of properties and lives and fruits. Give glad tidings, then, to those who remain patient”.

These are the words of wisdom said in the Quran. You should take the difficulties and hardships in your life as an opportunity. These give you experience that makes you strong and teaches you patience. The earlier you face them, the earlier you grow up. This lesson of the Quran teaches us to respond to all the hardships of life with positivity. These problems give an experience as a reward for the whole lifetime. This thing will pay you later and then you will get to know whether that was a problem or an opportunity, an opportunity to learn.

Give up on gossiping, Choose the best words and then speak

Quran 17:53 Tell My servants,57 (O Muhammad), to say always that which is best.58 Verily it is Satan who sows discord among people. Satan indeed is an open enemy to mankind.

This part of the Quran tells us to not exaggerate things. When we do so, a talk gets converted into a gossip. It happens that sometimes we try to show ourselves better in front of other people and to do so; we put the other people down. This can give us a short-term pleasure or ego-boost in a small crowd, but in the long run, it is toxic. While we gossip about other people, we make him a victim of our lies; we make him be misunderstood by other people. But when the truth comes out, we get nothing but only embarrassment. This wisdom lesson teaches us to choose the best words before we speak anything. Most of the people respond very quickly with the words, without speaking anything. Sometimes these quick reactions make a negative impact.

Always be kind to everyone:

Quran 16:91 reads, And fulfill the covenant which you have made with Allah and do not break your oaths after having firmly made them, and after having made Allah your witness. Surely Allah knows all that you do.

The Quran teaches us that we should be kind to every person, even if we don’t need him. We should always try to fulfill the promises that we have made. You choose kindness over the hater always. And also, if somebody hurts you, never see him with a hater or revenge. Never bully other people in your life, can you rather show them positivity and kindness. Maybe this can change them; hater cannot change any person ever.

However, these are not the only ones, there are several other precious lessons that this book presents in front of humankind.



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